• Forward Education

    21-22th November 2015

    Impact Hub

    Calle Alameda, 22

  • What is MakeSense?

    Makesense is a global community mobilizing volunteers all around the world to help social entrepreneurs solve their challenges. For 4 years, Makesense mobilized 20 000 volunteers to help 800 entrepreneurs in 100 cities.

    We organize creativity workshops and events challenging people to help businesses with social and environmental impact.





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  • What is a SenseCamp?

    A SenseCamp is a 2-day “unconference” event dedicated to social innovation, gathering 100-150 participants from all over Europe around inspiring speakers, creativity workshops, entrepreneurs pitches and much more.


    We set the agenda in the morning.

    To host a session, anybody can pitch a topic to the crowd. Sessions are generally participatory in nature, typically without powerpoint. SenseCampers vote with their feet and leave sessions they do not want to participate in. The format blurs traditional notions of speakers and listeners and creates a highly interactive experience of shared learning and development.

  • SenseCamp Berlin 2015

    This is a small taste of what's to come

  • Education

    In MakeSense we believe that social entrepreneurship can be helpful to mobilize social causes. In this second edition of SenseCamp Madrid we aim at promoting social entrepreneurship around Education.


    The event is dedicated to social innovators, experts, teachers and students alike. We invite them to interact and share their needs, ideas and resources, in order to create new opportunities for them to debate, experiment and innovate continuously. In doing so, we are trying to imagine the future of education and find solutions to current challenges in the education system.


    We decided to focus on 4 main topics around Education:

    Personal transformation

    Education is a journey to understand yourself and what are you passionate about

    Egalitarian Education

    Education is a right and anyone has to have access to it without discrimination of any kind

    Alternative Education

    The educational system is evolving and changing the way it is transmitted to be more effective


    The digitalization is transforming the educational sector making it open and free for everyone

  • Agenda 

    The SenseCamp is an occasion to gather inspiring people from all over the world, share experiences, debate and stimulate the development of social initiatives.

    21th November

    9:00 Welcome - Breakfast

    9:30 Sense morning

    10:oo Keynote: Forward Education

    11:00 Inspiring Talks & Workshops

    14:00 Lunch

    15:00 Barcamp

    17:00 Three, two, one, action!

    18:00 Cocktail

    23:00 SenseParty

    22th November

    12:00 Yoga Session

    13:00 Disco soup

    15:00 Inspiring Talks & Workshops

    17:00 Mingle + Music


  • Program Booklet

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  • What is included?

    All the things you will live during the SenseCamp Madrid

    Inspiring Speakers

    People with strong background in social entrepreneurship will come to share and inspire us with their stories and practical workshops. 


    Prototyped in Berlin since 2012, the best workshops are crowdsourced from the participants on the spot

    Community sessions

    The global MakeSense community and local network share their knowledge and participate in hands-on workshops.

    NonSense Party

    Private party in a beautiful, secret location with great DJs, delicious drinks, and surprise treats.


    Innovative workshop in which multi-disciplinary participants generate creative solutions to a challenge of a social enterprise. 

    Disco soup

    We recollect the leftover food by supermarkets and restaurants and then we chop and cook it all together to prepare an amazing meal.

  • Speakers and Workshops


    An alternative education course

    In this workshop you will live a practical and informative experience, personally knowing Ainhoa Zamora, Executive Director of MASTERYOURSELF / ; experiencing a pill of the Teamlabs learning by doing methodology: a fundamental tool of our radical post graduate program.


    The bridge between education and carreer

    In Germany it`s necessary to train students for jobs, because they don’t have experiences with the real life with practical problems. Is it also necessary to train students in other country`s? Which opinion have the companies about students in europe? Do the companies have to chance their own strategie to advertise new persons for jobs?


    The informal business school

    Ivo will explore the basic concepts of the Knowmads methodology: the continuous learning, the passionate working, the personal development and the transformational moments. Some tools will be given in the life journey orientation, Everything will be based on needs, curiosities and questions that will be raised during the session.


    Programming languages for startups

    Startup's scalability mechanism is technology. H4 presents a study of the programming languages and technology stacks used in several startups, focused on web and mobile platforms. Along with the study, they review the suitability for a non-technical startup founder to learn and develop their product using those languages.


    The singularity in the education sector

    Alejandro Briceño, is an engineer of innovation, optimist and passionate about people. He will talk about the Singularity of the educational sector and the importance of technology as a part of education and what is the best way to leverage on it.


    Motivation in education

    They will focus on the experience the Organization has developed in leveraging technology to support classroom instruction for students in Primary and Secondary educations: Technology as a tool to improve how Social and Emotional Learning concepts are taught in the classroom



    Educating for Global Citizenship

    The causes of poverty, the inequality and the environmental deterioration have been affecting all part of the world. The big challenge of humanity is to create a global citizenships, committed and able to face all the problems. This is why the new generation need to learn how to participate as citizen and citizens of the world.


    Embrace Diversity

    Homophobic situations in the educational centers must be tackled and seen as an educational opportunity to work on respecting diversity. After a short speach explaining the needs to fight homophobia and gender discrimination at school, we will work on our own prejudices, we will learn where these prejudices come from and how to fight them. We will also see how we can build schools that are free from homophobia and transphobia.


    Teachers Training

    Round table about the Teachers Training. A tutor, a current member and an alumni from ExE's program will be at the SenseCamp to talk with you about teachers training. Where does ExE come from and what is its mission ? What is ExE's contribution for teachers and student and how can it give more opportunities to vulnerable students through education? What are ExE's alumni doing after the training?


    Why i care about education

    Alvaro is co-founder of Floqq, the first marketplace of educational videos in Spanish. In Floqq they created Paro 0, the documentary of the most demanded jobs during the crisis. Alvaro was part of founding team of other two projects dedicated to improve education for kids between 9 and 15 years old (Thinkids) and for young students (Netday). He has been selected for the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper.


    Spain, education and how to get involved

    Presenting 2 projects that were born from the same NGO, Kasia and Laura will talk about Mayas and Ufeed. Mayas aims to improve and expand education, where UFeed uses technology to reach a larger audience and bring people together in their mission of educating every child in the world.


    Coaching workshop

    Arancha will show you just how powerful coaching techniques are. When we prepare to accomplish an ambitious task, or when we are facing a challenging problem, we sometimes get stuck! The innovative coaching techniques that we will learn will show us how to find the answers to these questions. Personal transformation is key, and communication with peers is essential!


    Arts as a tool of inclusion

    A debate about how arts as a way of inclusion of people in different conditions. Arts and culture considered as as a fundamental function of Education so it is really important the way it is expressed and the culture management to lead the message trasmitted to the society.


    HOLDUP for support LiteracyApp

    In LiteracyApp develop open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

    What is their challenge?

    It is to form a community of collaborators that can create content in the platform.

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